As homeowners, the transition from Winter to Spring is one that is celebrated for warmer temperatures, and at the same time dreaded for increased yard work. This transition period is crucial for the health of your yard, in both the short and long term senses. At VOSS, our lawn treatment plans are a great way to get your lawn and landscape features off to a healthy new year. Why should you get a spring lawn treatment plan?

1. Fertilization & Weed Control

-A huge benefit of our spring lawn treatments is that they include fertilization and weed control servicing to your yard. This fertilization gives the grass a jump-start to a healthy growth cycle, while the weed control ensures that your beds and structures that edge up to your lawn will be weed free. Sure, any average joe can go to the local hardware store and buy fertilizer and herbicides, but beware. Often times these products require premixing and other preparation before they are applied. Go ahead and let an expert ensure the job is done right for you.

2. Aeration

  • Spring Aeration can really help jumpstart a yard that was suffering last year, or can also help maintain a healthy yard with well-established turf. Some quick benefits of aerating your yard are:
    • Opening up the soil to air, water, and nutrients
    • Better water movements
    • Creating room for plant roots to stretch out and grow deeper
    • Decreased chance of your yard being affected by a disease

3. Professional Analysis of Your Yard

  • As someone who is not an expert in the landscaping field, it can be hard to form a plan for your spring and summer landscaping on your own. When you work with VOSS, we will educate you along the way, while also following up analyzing your yard with our recommendations for next steps. If your yard is healthy and just needs a fertilizer treatment and application of weed control, we will let you know. Always keep in mind, just because your yard had a rough year last year doesn’t mean that 2017 has to be the same.

4. Free Up Your Time

  • Maintaining your yard can seem to be a daunting and time-consuming task. When you partner with our team at VOSS, our goal will keep the neighbor’s heads turning as they drive by, all while you spend your time with your family and doing things you enjoy. Not only are our plans cost-efficient and affordable, but we can also package in your summer lawn mowing and maintenance to save you, even more, time and money!

Overall, our lawn treatment plans were built for the local Columbia, MO homeowners. We wanted to provide a reputable, efficient, and affordable service to the local residents. If you are the person that likes to take care of planning ahead of time, our annual landscaping maintenance options could be a great fit for you. Plan out your Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter all in one easy checklist. Give us a call today!