As March rolls in, along with it comes “warmer” weather. After months of bitter cold, heavy snow, and freezing rain, the springtime can’t come soon enough. We get excited at the thought of working in flowerbeds, spreading new grass seed, and buying fresh mulch. It’s a new season of opportunities to spruce up our landscape. However, it’s also the perfect time to start a hardscaping project. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the term “hardscaping,” it refers to any non-living elements in landscaping — think brick paver or patio pergola. Projects like these have both a functional and aesthetic purpose, improving a homeowner’s enjoyment of their property as well as increase curb appeal.  

Many hardscaping projects can be done by yourself, but if DIY isn’t your thing, or you just want to ensure it gets done correctly, hiring a professional is always a safe option. This time of the year offers a great chance to update your landscape with a new project that you can enjoy this summer.  

Why Spring is a Good Time to Hardscape 

An argument can be made that hardscaping can be done at any time of the year. But spring presents several advantages compared to the other seasons. First, it helps to diagram and plan out your hardscaping projects alongside your new spring landscaping ideas. Being able to layout what new plants, trees, mulch, and other landscaping necessities need to surround your hardscape project makes it easier when buying and planting in the growing months. 

Secondly, many hardscape projects require moving soil. Digging and leveling dirt is easier accomplished in the spring when the soil is moist and moldable. While the summer is also an option, the ground may be harder and drier — additionally, working in the summer heat can pose health concerns. 

Concrete or Stone Patio 

Outdoor living space is a homeowner’s best friend. Who doesn’t love sitting in a comfy chair, enjoying some tea and a nice breeze? Laying a patio offers you a new (or improved) outdoor entertainment space. The patio materials can range to fit your needs and desires. Wood is a popular choice, but concrete and stone patios are often more weather resistant and long-lasting. Adding a patio to your home gives you a way to enjoy the outdoors, and add significant value to your property.   

Walkways & Driveways 

You don’t appreciate a nicely designed sidewalk or a well-laid driveway until you have a bad one. Over time and constant use contributes to the deterioration of walkways and driveways. Eventually, you may find cracks forming, uneven leveling, color fading, or other structural or cosmetic issues. Replacing, redesigning, or adding on to your existing walkways and driveways is a positive investment in your property. As elements of your everyday life, having a well-built walkway and driveway is something you will grow to appreciate. 

Fire Pit 

Backyard fire pits are a simple and cost-effective hardscaping project. Serving as a great entertainment piece, a fire pit can be an anchor point to your outdoor living space. With little upkeep necessary, a concrete or stone fire pit can last for years to come — and supply countless memories. As a quick, project a fire pit can be designed and installed in a few days’ time. 

Retaining Walls 

Retaining walls are maybe the most popular hardscaping project. They typically serve two purposes: stop erosion and add curb appeal and space for your landscaping. A retaining wall project can vary in scope, and fit any necessary functional or aesthetic need a homeowner may have in mind. Retaining walls can also serve as a property boundary marker and help will flood control. 

Pool Areas 

If you’ve ever owned a pool, you know that the area around the pool is better when a dedicated decking area has been built. Both above-ground and in-ground pools are more enjoyable, easier to access, and safer when a smooth surrounding area is in place. Laying a finished concrete surface around the pool helps protect its integrity and provides a space for entertainment and relaxation. 

Need a Retaining Wall in Columbia, Missouri? 

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