Many people think that tree removal, pruning, and trimming is a “warm-weather-only” service. Truth is, it’s not. Experts actually recommend tree trimming during the late winter months right before the spring showers come.

Voss Land and Tree removes and prunes trees year round, and we are prepared to fire up the chainsaws even when the winter weather comes knocking. Gain all of the benefits of winter tree trimming this year with Voss!

Why Tree Prune in the Winter?

There are so many benefits to tree trimming in the winter. Here are plenty of reasons why you should call a tree pruning service soon:

  1. Trees Are Dormant: The winter is exceptionally great for tree trimming because the trees are dormant, meaning their normal functions are suspended or slowed down for some time. Because they are dormant, pruning wounds will only be exposed for a short time period and will soon be fixed by new growth in the spring.
  2. Disease is Minimized: During the winter, it is less likely for wounds to catch a disease due to such a short exposure time. Trees ultimately heal better during this season.
  3. The Leaves Are Gone: After the leaves have fallen, you’ll be able to to see where the branches are and pinpoint exactly which areas of the tree to need trimming. Spot the damaged and dying branches to protect your tree, house and family from any safety hazards.
  4. Results in Burst of New Growth: Pruning and trimming in the winter results in a burst of new growth in the spring. By trimming down your tree, you are leaving it with extra root and energy reserves for the next season.
  5. Less Stress For Your Tree: Pruning trees in the late winter helps maintain their structure and beauty for years to come. Growth will not be disrupted, and winter trimming places less stress on your tree than other seasonal pruning.

Which Trees Should Be Pruned?

While certain species of trees require pruning services at specific times, most trees are perfect for trimming in the winter. Some trees that should definitely be pruned during this season include:

  • Bradford and Callory Pears
  • Crabapples
  • Spruce
  • Junipers
  • Sumacs
  • Honey Locust
  • Poplar

Pruning in the winter clearly sets your trees up for a great spring. Boost your tree’s growth and health with Voss Land and Tree this winter. The have the expertise to safely prune and trim your trees in no time! Call Voss to receive a quote today!