There are so many steps you can take to prepare your yard for the winter, but how do you take care of your landscape now? Seasonal maintenance greatly depends on the time of year, and there are many tips out there to maintain your lawn, plants, gardens, and exterior during a particular season. Here are some of Voss Landscape’s secrets to effective fall maintenance.

Lawn Maintenance

Properly overseed your lawn during the fall, and set yourself up for a greener, fuller lawn in the spring. Don’t forget to fertilize if you haven’t already. Give your lawn the nutrients it needs to protect it from drought and disease in the fall and throughout the winter. Fall is also a great time to aerate your yard. The lawn care professionals at Voss Land and Tree have all the equipment to efficiently aerate your yard and make your turf healthier for the long-run.

Rake fallen leaves to allow your lawn to gather as much of the sun’s energy before the winter hits. Huge amounts of leaves can damage your lawn and carry diseases that could destroy all of your hard work. Grab the rake and maybe even the kids, and get to work!Photo of a orange, brown fallen leaves

Plant Maintenance

Tree and shrub care in the fall is important because they need to recover from the extreme heat of the summer. First, start by mulching and watering any newly planted shrubs and plants. Also, consider trimming or pruning all of your trees and shrubs to help protect them from winter’s harsh storms.

A normal pruning includes a reshaping service to help with growth in the spring, an evaluation of storm damage risk and the removal of any dead or diseased limbs. Voss offers excellent trimming services and has all the right tools to safely prepare your trees for the winter.

Fall is also a great time to plant new trees and shrubs. The cool moist soil will allow new plants to get a head start before the cold winter months hit.

Garden Maintenance

Planting cool-season annuals and spring-flowering bulbs will ensure a pretty garden in both seasons. If you have a vegetable garden, remember to harvest your crops before the first frost. After picking and using all of your veggies, create a compost with the scraps, peels and other leftovers. Combine it with yard waste inside a bin and the material will decompose by itself.Photo of some picked vegetables

Exterior Maintenance

There is so much you can do within this area for the fall. Drain your ponds and pools, so they are prepared for the winter’s freezing temperatures. Gather up all of the outdoor furniture, tools, and hoses and keep them in the shed or garage. Don’t forget to clean out the gutters, and brush debris off the deck and patio. Tidy up all aspects of the exterior of your home before its too cold to work outside!Photo of a garden house laying in the yard

If these landscaping and lawn care tasks seem a little out of reach in the busy fall season, call Voss Land and Tree. They offer premium land and tree services to help your landscape look great for the fall and prepared for the winter. Give us a call today!