It is your responsibility to keep your driveways, walks, and parking lots clear at your home or business. But snow clearing is hard, physical work that comes with many risks to you and others. Many people, businesses, and homeowners in Columbia, MO hire snow removal services to care for their property. 

Shoveling snow is a pain. It takes time, work, and sweat to remove it — and you can double that effort if ice is involved. When you finish clearing the snow and ice away, you will probably have used up much of your energy for the day.

It is often easier to avoid all the frustration and danger that comes with clearing your own driveway or parking lot, and instead let professionals handle it, while you remain warm inside, enjoying a cup of coffee. Below, you’ll find some excellent reasons to hire a snow removal service to help you.

Winter Weather in Columbia, MO

Around Columbia, MO, we get all the weather. Eight inches of snow can pile up overnight. A chilly rain easily turns into an ice storm that coats roads and walkways. It’s some of the worst winter weather mother nature can provide. With weather being so unpredictable, it’s best to be ready for anything – and a snow removal company can keep you prepared. 

The Columbia, MO area gets an average of 19 inches of snow each year. Snowfalls of 10 inches or more happen every few years. Ice is a frequent occurrence each season and can cause huge amounts of damage.

Winter weather can be an inconvenience or it can be a danger when you need to get out of your driveway and off to work. Once at work, customers need parking lots and walkways they can safely use. The undertaking can be intimidating for most, and not worth the effort at the end of the day.

The Risks of Handling Snow Removal by Yourself 

Shoveling snow is always risky. You can hurt yourself doing it or hurt someone else if you don’t shovel. Calling in a pro is an excellent third option.

Injury Risks

Nationwide, 100 people die from shoveling snow each year, nearly all from heart attacks and cardiovascular problems. Each year, shoveling injures 11,500 individuals badly enough to need a trip to the emergency room. Soft tissue injuries are by far the most common. Other common injuries include lacerations, fractures, and heart-related injuries. These injuries come from over-exertion mainly, followed by slips or falls and getting hit with a snow shovel. The more snow accumulation there is, the more likely there will be an instance of injury.

If you decide to shovel, it is important to know the signs of a heart attack and monitor yourself constantly. Using a snow blower also brings a high risk of injury. 

Monetary Risks

Snow removal brings on a host of other risks. You can cause property damage by not using snow removal equipment properly. Ice can damage paved areas as well, getting into cracks and expanding.

If you don’t shovel or shovel improperly, other people passing through may fall or otherwise get injured. Slip and fall lawsuits are common and their costs can be high. One case settled at $1.5 million for one fall on black ice.

You may also face fines from the city from a local law saying you must clear the snow. In Columbia, MO, you could face a $500 fine for each day that your walk is snow-covered. While Missouri has no state laws about snow removal, neighboring states do. Check the laws where you live. 

The Benefits of Snow Removal Services 

With all these risks, hiring a snow removal service is a great option for many people. It takes the work and the worry off your back and gives it to a specialist who has the tools and training to tackle the job. 

Punctual Care 

A professional snow removal company will clear your snow and ice shortly after the weather begins. They will follow up later if the snow or ice has piled up once again. Professional snow removal companies have several teams that can move quickly to handle your property.

Access to Snow Removal Equipment 

A local snow removal company has the specialized equipment to meet your snow and ice removal needs. With equipment access to trucks with snowplows, skid loaders, and different snowblowers designed for smaller jobs. Professional snow removal uses a variety of plows, blowers, salts, de-icing agents, and other specialized equipment that is the right size for the job they face. 


You and your family or employees can all stay safe and warm when hiring an outside group to handle your snow removal needs. A professional team’s risks of injury are much lower because they have the essential equipment and the training to remove snow and ice safely. There is no need to put yourself, loved ones, or employees in an unnecessary situation. 

Maintain curb appeal 

Your home or business should look sharp year-round. You want it to be accessible to anyone coming in and out. A professional snow removal service not only clears away the snow but also knows where to put the snow afterward. Often that means politely to the side. Other times, that means hauling it away in a truck. 

If your house looks better than your neighbor’s now, that’s just a bonus. Everyone will notice how quickly your snow disappears and how nice your place looks without it. 

Saves Time 

Focus on your life and work. Stop worrying about the logistics and work related to snow removal. If there’s ice coming, your snow removal company will be out laying down de-icer before the trouble hits. A team with a plow can have your parking lot or driveway clear and usable in very little time. You can trust your snow-removing professionals to get in the job done efficiently – saving you time to invest in other areas of your life. 

Local Snow Removal in Columbia, MO

In Columbia, MO, and the surrounding area, you can trust Voss Land & Tree for all your snow and ice removal.

We quickly eliminate snow from your door, mailbox, and driveway at home. Then we treat the area with salt and other prevention methods to help keep it clear. For a business, we take care of your parking lot, storefront, and all other high-traffic areas.

Contact us to get your home or business scheduled for snow and ice removal for the upcoming winter season.