Spring is here, and what great news that is. While life still doesn’t feel quite normal, watering your lawn might be the right reassurance that regular everyday life still exists. As you ready your sprinkler systems for the coming season, you may run into a busted sprinkler head or two.

Sprinkler heads are often exposed and the most likely component of your sprinkler system to need replacement. Heads often become damaged due to a variety of issues such as:

  • Blunt force
    • Being run over or hit by lawnmowers, weed whips, edgers, etc.
  • Water pressure
    • Too much water pressure within the system can crack or pop sprinkler heads off.
  • Weather
    • Cold weather can freeze remaining water inside the head and cause cracking.
  • Pets and Children
    • Pets can chew sprinkler heads, while children man hit, kick, and dig up sprinkler heads from the ground.

It is common to need to fix a sprinkler head every couple of years depending upon your use and environment. The key to protecting the health of your sprinkler system is regular maintenance. From the start of the spring to mid-summer care, all the way to fall winterization, ensure the integrity of your system with constant monitoring and repair.  

Is Your Sprinkler System Ready for Spring?

Is your sprinkler system ready for watering? Don’t hesitate to contact us to help provide you with the irrigation services you need! Invest in protecting your sprinkler system for the summers to come.