Whether you are moving or not, increasing the value of your home is always a positive if it is in your budget. One item people often overlook when thinking about the value of their home’s curb appeal. What is the first impression a person has when they drive by your home or see it for the first time? Simple and affordable upgrades can increase your home’s curb appeal, which in turn increases its value. These landscaping upgrades will make your home’s value quickly increase.

#1 – Trees

Landscaping Tips to Increase Home Value

Have you ever driven by a home that you could barely see because its trees are overgrown and are obstructing the view? Or, have you ever seen a home surrounded by trees that looked like they hadn’t been alive since the turn of the century? That is an immediate curb appeal downgrade to people looking at your home or prospective buyers. Consider these little things that can go a long way in improving your home’s trees:

  • A well-placed tree that shades your deck
  • Trees that have been routinely trimmed
  • Removal of a dead tree
  • Etc.

Fun Fact: The structure and quality of the trees around your home can increase or decrease your home’s value by up to $10,000 dollars. Sick or dead trees = loss of home value.

#2 – Lighting

Beautiful Landscaping Lights

One simple addition to your landscape design is lighting. As the sun goes down and those lights come on,  the exterior features of your home will pop. This immediately increases the perception of quality and beauty in a home.

Lights can:

  • Make plants look healthier
  • Make stones look brighter
  • Move the focus to the important parts of your home

Properly positioned lights can direct a person’s eye to where you want them to see. Nice landscape projects are meant to be displayed, and lights are a very easy way to do so.

#3 – The Yard

Lawn Mower

It’s amazing how much impact a well-mowed lawn can have on prospective buyers, people driving by, and your neighbors. Be sure your lawn’s impact is a positive one by having a yard with clean lines, that is routinely maintained, and has little to no weeds. This leaves a lasting and positive impression. Think about it this way. If you drive by a mansion of a home, but the grass is 10 inches long and unmaintained, what will be the first thing you notice?

When considering increasing the value of your home, it is often all about directing the viewer’s eyes to the positive features of your residence. Make sure they see the best.


Most people think of painting the inside of their home, replacing appliances, and other improvement methods long before they do landscaping. The reality is that the exterior of your home is the first thing people see. With this in mind, take a long look at the outside of your home and the impression it is giving. If you are looking to get an expert’s opinions on how you can utilize landscaping and lawn care to increase your home’s value, call VOSS today at (573) 268-3947.