Native growing is one of the biggest trends in local landscaping – and for good reason! As much as we love our lawns, they can be wasteful water-sucks, especially during hot Missouri summers.

Why Plant Native?

Native plants developed thousands of years ago to survive in the climate and environmental conditions of Missouri. For that reason, they often require significantly less water than plants brought in from other areas.

Did you know?

  • Up to 60% of fresh water from U.S. urban areas is used to water lawns
  • Around 67 million pounds of pesticides are used for lawn care in the U.S. each year
  • Lawnmowers can produce as much pollution in one hour as a car driving 20 miles

Native Missouri Shrubs and Bushes

It is one of the best times of year to plant! Instead of filling your entire lawn with grass, try mixing in some of these native shrubs and bushes to diversify your space and use fewer resources!

1. Ninebark

Ninebark is a lovely, flowering shrub that flowers in May or June.

Ninebark in Missouri

Growing tip: Ninebark needs lots of sunlight and doesn’t do well in shade, but it can handle different types of soil and moisture conditions!

2. Fragrant Sumac

This interesting bush resembles poison ivy only in looks. It is perfectly safe to touch!

Fragrant Sumac in Missouri

Growing tip: This hardy plant can survive if water access is scarce, but be sure to plant in full sun.

3. Hazelnut

Yard animals will love having this plant around. Many Missouri wildlife feed off of hazelnuts, and planting one will be sure to attract more critters to your yard.

Hazelnut Tree in Missouri

Growing tip: Hazelnut can grow in partial shade but prefer full sun. They are best in normal moisture conditions.

4. Butterfly Milkweed

This is one of 15 species of milkweed found throughout Missouri. It gets its name because of its ability to attract butterflies, particularly the famous monarch.

Butterfly Milkweed in Missouri

Growing tip: Keep the soil around your milkweed well-drained, but keep it watered.

5. Red Buckeye

These plants produce beautiful red flowers that are sure to attract hummingbirds to your yard in the spring.

Red Buckeye in Missouri

Growing tip: Plant in healthy, rich soil, and ideally they will live in partial shade.

6. Palm Sedge

This long, pointed bush stays green nearly year-round. It is a great addition to a yard that needs to add an interesting shape or texture to the garden.

Palm Sedge in Missouri

Growing tip: Light shade or direct sunlight is best.

7. Little bluestem

Little bluestem can help you create a prairie look in your yard. This blue-green grass turns a lovely reddish brown in the fall and will stand strong throughout the winter for all your yard wildlife looking for cover from the cold.

Little Bluestem in Missouri

Growing tip: This plant will survive in most conditions! Have fun!

We’ll help you get the native look

Our team is full of expert Missouri landscapers with years of experience working with plants native to our state. If you need help planting native this spring, give us a call.

We will work with you to make sure your landscape is taken care of, as well as provide guidance to create the best yard possible. It doesn’t take much work to have native plants in your yard, it just requires a little know-how!