The days are shorter and the air is cooler; fall has come and passed. With fall, comes the falling of leaves. Some may have raked them up before winter set in, but if you have not, you should now. Why is it so important to remove leaves from your lawn? In short, the number of leaves on a lawn can impact the health and revival process during the winter months.

The danger of leaving your lawn covered with leaves in the winter.

Despite the many who call their lawns “dead” in the winter, this is actually a very important time for the health of your grass. Your lawn still needs the essentials during the winter: sun, moisture, and air. Your lawn still needs to breathe in the winter.

If your lawn is covered in leaves through the winter months, you run the risk of smothering your lawn. This can invite pests and diseases to your lawn, including snow mold and it can also lead to brown patches. A layer of leaves can also prevent your lawn from getting water, nutrients, sunlight, and air, effectively smothering your lawn with a thick layer of leaves.

Do you have to rake up every single leaf?

You do not have to rake up every single leaf. A few leftover leaves will not hurt your lawn. It is only when there are so many leaves that they create a layer that problems arise. If you see a lawn with absolutely no leaves, it does not mean that lawn will be healthier, it simply is an aesthetic element that that particular lawn owner wanted to achieve.  

Since raking leaves in bulk can be quite the chore, we found one creative way to remove leaves quickly. For a quick, fast and efficient way to rake up your leaves, you should consider this technique. It appears to be proven to work. Let us know if it works for you!

Call VOSS to easily and simply have all your leaves removed from your yard so that your yard looks tidy and you give your lawn the best opportunity for new green grass in the spring.