Ah, trees. They provide the shade that protects us from the blazing sun, they’re home to many of our favorite species and animals and, most importantly, they play a key role in keeping us alive. Of course, it is the best option to keep trees standing, but there are particular instances when a tree needs to go. In such cases, VOSS Landscape & Tree Service is here to help.

Why hire professionals?

Tree removal, as well as tree pruning, are difficult and often unsafe tasks. Save the time and money by hiring professionals. Professionals at VOSS have the latest techniques and climbing equipment in the tree removal business. They also practice the International Standards of Arborists which means they can effectively evaluate a tree’s health and answer any tree care questions you may have.

How to Determine a Tree’s Health

If 50 percent of the overall tree is damaged, it may be time to get rid of it. First, look at the trunk because major damage to this section of the tree will validate a removal. Next, see if there are large, dead, or damaged branches. If more than ¼ of the branches are damaged, then this is also an indicator for tree removal. Other factors to look for when evaluating your tree are:

  • Whether or not your tree leans. A sudden lean in your tree can mean serious damage to its roots. This tree should be removed.
  • If it is hollow. If the inside of your tree is rotten or hollow, its trunk strength could be deteriorating.
  • If it has damaged roots. If more than 50 percent of the roots are damaged, the tree is definitely ready for removal.

If you need help determining if your tree needs to go, Voss has the knowledge and expertise.

Safety Hazards for Unhealthy Trees

Dying and damaged trees can be harmful to you and your family, especially ones that are near homes, sheds and powerlines. When a tree or its limbs fall, the property can be damaged as well as your manicured landscape. Trees reaching the height of power lines can pose power outages and property damage. Diseased trees can potentially serve as a problem for surrounding healthy trees and also have the possibility of collapsing.

With any of these cases, we highly recommend hiring a professional. Removing trees surrounding other property is dangerous work and should be done by someone with the right tools.

Benefits of Removing Dying and Damaged Trees

  • Helps keep your landscape looking sharp. Diseased and dying trees can have a big effect on your home’s aesthetics. Make way for new, fresh plants, trees and flowers that will give your property a whole new look.
  • Makes room for new, healthy trees to be planted. Take a tree, plant a tree. Trees are very eco-friendly, so keep your property as green as can be by replacing your old trees with new ones.
  • Makes your property safe. Prevent the falling of trees on your valuable property, and hire a professional today.

Other Options for Removal

Deciding when the best time to remove a tree can be difficult. When it is uncertain if the health of the tree is completely gone, people tend to choose tree trimming. Tree trimming can reduce the potential for tree or branch failure and can often help maintain or improve the health of your trees. People also choose to prune to provide clearance and to improve the beauty of their property. VOSS can also provide your property’s proper pruning if tree removal is out of the picture.

Unhealthy and damaged trees can pose a threat to you and your family’s safety. Tree removal can be a hazardous task, but experts at Voss are licensed and insured professionals who are ready to evaluate your tree situation and provide the reliable services you deserve.

Call VOSS Landscape & Tree Service today at (573) 268-3947 with any tree care questions.