Central Missouri and Columbia specifically, are no strangers to winter weather. From single-digit temperatures to a foot of snow, the heart of the “Show-Me State” is well accustomed to harsh weather. With December, January, and February fast approaching, it is important to be prepared for the worst-case scenario snowstorms.

With few things being harder to accurately predict than the weather, it is important to brace for being without electricity and road access for three days. Therefore, when buying supplies, be mindful of how many people are in your household, and if that quantity will suffice for being stranded inside for several days.

Food to Buy in Preparation for a Snowstorm

Being able to stay properly hydrated and fed is essential to remaining healthy throughout a snowstorm. Being able to retain body heat revolves around consuming enough calories and water. Therefore, the foods you buy should be high in vitamins and nutrients. Not only should you consider buying enough food for yourself and family, but also any pets that you may have.

Cooking during a snowstorm can be difficult, especially if you are without electricity. If you do not have a gas stove, investing in a small grill to heat food outside the house is a beneficial choice.


• Bottled water (sometimes a water source can become compromised or contaminated during a storm. It is recommended that each person has at least one gallon of drinking water for a three day period.)

• Canned goods (soup, stew, tuna, etc.)

• High protein goods (peanut butter, nuts, jerky, etc.)

• Dried and fresh fruits (apples, apricots, etc.)

• Dried pasta noodles and jar sauce

• Crackers and potato chips

• Fresh bread, bagels, muffins

• Eggs

• Salted butter

Tools/Necessities to Buy in Preparation for a Snowstorm

The most important thing to prepare for a snowstorm is ensuring you are able to keep warm. It is recommended that you check all smoke detectors and carbon monoxide batteries, and keep the thermostat as high as possible if losing power is expected. In addition, always run a generator outside the house or garage if you use one.


• Flashlights

• Batteries

• Battery-powered radio

• External phone charger

• First aid kit

• Toilet paper

• Multivitamins and necessary medications

• Matches

• Shovel

• Rock salt

• Can opener

• Propane or kerosene space heater (with fuel)

• Wood (if you have a wood fireplace)

• Cooler with ice

• Generator

The Best Snow Removal Service in Columbia, MO

In the winter months, having a trained team do your snow removal for you eliminates the risk and worry for the safety of your friends, family, and/or customers. Our experts will keep a watch on your property and snowfall totals to automatically show up and perform the removal without you having to call us every time for assistance.
To inquire about our snow removal process, pricing, or general questions about our services — contact us here or at: (573)-268-3947