After a winter storm, your first thought is typically getting outside to clear away all of the ice and snow on your property. But, if you’ve ever cleared snow from your driveway or sidewalk, you know that it is intense and exhausting work. It isn’t easy, whether you use a basic shovel or a high-tech snowblower. In addition to being tough on your body and stressful on your mind, there’s also the danger of working in frigid conditions. Walking on icy paths can also put you at risk of a fall that leads to injury. 

It’s no secret that moving heavy snow is a big workout, but did you know that it could even be potentially life-threatening? In the United States, roughly 100 people die and thousands are injured every year while removing snow from their property. However, what can you do when you need to clear away snow? We know that waiting for it to melt just isn’t realistic. 

The solution is simple: hire professional snow removal services so you won’t have to do it all yourself. By letting pros with the right equipment tackle this task, you can avoid the risk of getting hurt.   

Why Is Snow Removal So Dangerous? 

Shoveling can have various effects on the body. The muscles may be strained, and there’s a risk of slipping and falling, which might result in sprains, broken bones, or a head injury. One of the biggest concerns, however, is the potential for an emergency like a heart attack.

You might not realize it, but shoveling snow is an activity that puts pressure on the body — and on the heart, in particular — because it’s a lot like moving through an intense workout. Also, when you’re outside in the cold, your blood pressure may increase as your arteries and blood vessels narrow. The narrowing of vessels and arteries forces the heart to work harder because less blood and oxygen can reach it. In addition to the physical exertion that mimics exercise, this can cause your heart rate to go up. As a result, you might experience chest pain, cardiac arrest, or stroke.  

Although shoveling can affect people of all ages, it can be especially dangerous for those who are 55 and older, as well as individuals who have pre-existing medical concerns. People who don’t live active lifestyles and aren’t used to this level of physical activity might also be at greater risk of harm.  

Because of these risks, it’s a great idea to leave snow removal to the experts. It will be one less thing you need to worry about, and you get the opportunity of staying safe inside a warm home. 

Why Should You Hire Professional Snow Removal Services? 

Now that you know about the dangers of shoveling snow, you might be ready to hire professionals who will be there when the next snowstorm hits. Or, you might still be reluctant if you aren’t sure it’s worth the cost. 

Here are some of the reasons why you should hire pros to remove snow from your property:

  • When you hire snow removal experts, you won’t need to worry about shoveling snow yourself. This eliminates the potential health risks because you won’t have to go out into the cold.
  • Odds are it will snow more than once during the winter season. A team of experienced professionals can take care of removing ice and snow after each storm.
  • After a severe winter storm or major snowfall, a snow removal team will be able to provide professional results. The quality of their work would be next to impossible for a single person to match. 
  • Snow removal service providers can get the job done quickly. They have tools, equipment, and teams of experts who know how to tackle areas that are covered in ice and snow.

Why Is It Important To Select the Right Snow Removal Experts?

When searching for a snow removal company, here are some things to consider so you can be sure you hire the right team of experts:

  • Hiring a business that has been providing efficient snow removal services for several years is a wise choice. They are more likely to have the equipment and expertise necessary to thoroughly clear snow from properties of all sizes and situations. Whether you need support when clearing the snow around your home, business, or parking lot, experts that are properly trained and have the highest quality equipment will be able to take on the biggest challenges. 
  • When you hire a snow removal team for your residential snow removal needs, it’s a good idea to ask them exactly what they will do. For example, will they only get rid of the snow in your driveway, or will they also take care of other areas, such as your front door, mailbox area, and patio?
  • In addition to snow removal, salting the property can help prevent ice from forming. Consider going with a snow removal business that will salt your walkways, driveways, and other important areas that need to be maintained free of ice and snow. 
  • Do you need help clearing snow from your commercial property? Sometimes, the same experts who can clear the snow around your home will get the job done at your business too. If they salt high-traffic areas found throughout the commercial property, it can help ensure everyone’s safety. 

What’s the Best Snow Removal Service in Columbia, MO? 

If you are interested in hiring pros who will be able to remove snow from your residential or commercial property, Voss Land & Tree is here to help. 

You can call us after a snowfall, but we also provide routine cleaning when winter weather becomes harsh. By keeping an eye on snowfall totals in your area, we’ll arrive promptly to clear away snow so you don’t have to. No matter how you need us to help, once our job is complete, you will be able to easily access your property. Our goal is to make sure it will be free of ice and snow so you won’t have to worry about your safety or the safety of those who visit your home or business.

If you would like to learn more about our services or you’re interested in hiring us for snow removal in Columbia, MO, feel free to contact us anytime.