Landscaping after Labor Day? Shouldn’t you just be focusing on reseeding your lawn and prepping for winter? Well, yes. But many don’t realize that the fall months provide some of the best conditions and opportunities to ready your landscape for springtime, while also bringing plenty of color to your property!


With air temperatures dropping and soil that is still warm, these weather conditions make for an optimum environment for root development. Typically, the right time to start planting new flowers, shrubs, and trees is between late September to early November. With cooler weather and more precipitation, plants are given the chance to store up the necessary nutrients and energy reserves to survive winter and thrive in the spring season. 

What Can You Plant in the Fall Months? 

Due to a different growing season, not every type of flower or bush can be planted in the fall months. However, there are several types that do flourish during this time and will be ready to sprout come next season.


Here are some great perennials that will brighten up your landscaping year after year:

Garden Mums 

The classic fall flower, the garden mum is one you have to incorporate into your landscaping plan. Big and beautiful, these flowers are always a welcomed sight. They grow best in full sun with well-drained soil and work well in containers or beds.

New England Aster 

Sometimes called the “Purple Dome,” this fall perennial is sure to brighten up any flowerbed and bring some buzz to your garden as it is a great late-season pollinator for bees and butterflies. 

Red Jewel Helenium 

This bright orange and red flower is a statement piece, helping welcome those beloved autumn colors we associate with October and November. These are sizeable plants, growing to a height of up to 36 inches and 23 inches wide.  

Azure Monkshood 

Adding a nice pop of blue and purple to your landscape is the azure monkshood. These tall, skinny flowers feature a unique shape, take up little space, and are another favorite for late-season attraction of pollinators.  


The goldenrod flower is bright, big, and unable to be ignored. Its loud yellow color makes it a focal point for any flowerbed, especially in the fall. As one of the last blooming flowers of the season, the goldenrod can reach heights of 5 feet tall and are quick spreaders — so trim back before winter to avoid it invading other root systems.  

Japanese Anemone 

A perennial that is in bloom all the way to the season’s first frost, Japanese anemones require little upkeep and maintenance. These white or pink flowers are a subtle and classy addition to any landscaping project. 


Chelone lyonii, more commonly known as turtlehead, is the perfect fall-blooming flower for more damp and moist environments. Turtlehead is a well-behaved plant as it grows in a dense clump with attractive foliage and flowers that bloom for weeks. 

Need Fall Landscaping Services in Columbia, Missouri? 

Want to brighten up your landscape this fall or just be well-prepped for spring? Don’t hesitate to contact us to help provide you with the fall landscaping services you need! We are proud to help our Columbia, Missouri community achieve all of its fall planting needs.