As trees start to become barer and the cold weather sets in, tree trimming might not be one of the first needs you think about. A lot of your landscaping needs get put on the back burner as the Midwest winter brings in snow, ice, and freezing winds. However, tree trimming is a service that is best done in the winter months for a variety of reasons. 


Voss Land and Tree have been helping both commercial and residential customers keep their trees healthy and protected through the winter weather. With years of trimming experience and the expert knowledge of our on-team arborists, we are able to best care for your trees during this winter season. 


Here is why tree trimming is important for you to consider: 

Minimize Winter Damage 

We’ve all been there, a local tree or tree branch gets too heavy because of snow or ice and falls on the power lines — now we’re out of power for several hours. This problem often could be avoided with proper tree trimming early in the winter. Other issues that occur with broken limbs or trees include home and property damage. It is best to save yourself the trouble of clean up and hassling with the insurance company by having your trees inspected this winter.  

Limits Disease Spread 

Tree trimming in the summer opens the possibility of disease spread through the pruning sores. Some common diseases include canker disease, Oak wilt, fire blight, and more. When trimming is done in the winter, most often these diseases are dead or dormant for the time being. This allows for healthy tree pruning to occur without the risk of future disease spread. 

Clear View of Tree Structure 

A major reason why trimming in the winter is beneficial is because a bare tree is easier to evaluate than a tree in bloom. This clear view of the entire tree allows for arborists to know what branches are a threat to breaking or if a disease is affecting the tree. From there, recommendations can be made on how or where to prune for the safety of the tree owner and the health of the tree itself. 

Less Stress on the Tree’s Anatomy 

Trimming in the winter puts less harmful stress on the tree’s system compared to any other season. Pruning in the warmer months encourages new growth to occur before it is able to fully develop and harden before winter. Trimming during these dormant months sets the tree up for healthy growth and wound closure come springtime.