Its almost a new year and winter is here

Have you thought about your Trees ?

As a company that is owned and operated by a certified Arborist we encourage you to take a good look at your trees. All around us Trees are a valuable resource;In a residential setting they will either add to your property value or become a potential liability.

Winter months provide great visibility for

1. Tree Trimming by a professional can be importantto reducing the risk of storm damage, or damage to property & people from falling debris. Winter trimming can bring forth suggestions by an Arborist that may help avoid damages.

2. Risk Assesment visibility in the winter can allow an Arborist to identify and evaluate issues in trees prior to failure.. Pictured below, rott that occurs from codominant stem growth is one example of a potential problem.

3. Dead wood removal reduces the risk of broken limbs, and falling branches known as widow makers, thus increasing safety, while improving tree health, & aesthetics.

4. Cold Weather Mature Oaks collect and shed alot of dead limbs.. The appropriate time to maintenance your Oak Tree is in the colder months. Colder weather helps eliminate the risk of deadly Oak Wilt Disease carried by sap feeding bugs.

5. Roofline clearance, canopy raising, and the removal of deadwood and pruning out those weaker limbs are all good reasons to trim a tree. Trimming trees improves the current growth and structure of the tree, and is a great investment in the Trees future as well as the value of your property.


  1. Property values of landscaped homes are 5 to 20 percent higher than those of non-landscaped homes.
  2. Benefits produced by a young replacement tree are minimal when compared to those of a mature specimen
  3. Extending the functional lifespan of large, mature trees with routine maintenance can maximize the aesthetic and economic benefits of Trees and can also delay the significant expenses associated with removal and replacement.

BEFORE Deadwood Removal

AFTER Deadwood Removal

Codominant Stem Failure From Storm

Roofline clearance