Maintain a Healthy Lawn With Sprinkler System Services

Sprinkler System Services in Columbia, MO

VOSS Land & Tree provides irrigation services so you can stand out and enjoy a healthy green lawn year round.


It is important to maintain your system for optimal use. Turning the system on and off correctly at the beginning and end of every season is a very important piece of your sprinkler system’s maintenance and health. For all types of irrigation systems we provide startup and backflow inspection, winterization, and repairs if necessary.

Startup & Backflow Inspection

A certified technician will schedule with you a time to visit the property and test the backflow device that allows a connection to the water supply. A passing score of your backflow device will signal the OK to turn on the water supply to your irrigation system. A complete walkthrough of each zone will be performed to ensure all components of the system are operating correctly. Any sprinkler heads that are noticeably off will be adjusted. Any repairs recommended or needed will be communicated to the customer as well as any questions answered about operation of the system etc.


A certified technician will schedule with you a time to visit the property and winterize the system. After the water is shut off we connect an air compressor with plenty of CFM to ensure the process is done effeciently and adequately enough to remove the remaining water from all components, heads, valves, pipes, etc. The removal of water prior to the ground freezing is important to avoid costly repairs. Removing water prevents low winter temperatures from causing damages to buried components of your irrigation system.


We will design & install completely custom to your source of water, landscape and the terrain of your property.