Lawn Care

Our Crew Gets Your Lawn Looking Great


Enjoy a well-manicured lawn, our service includes trimming around all obstacles and edging around all paved surfaces. It is also important to note that if you want a healthy lawn, Turf Grass does best when cut at the proper height and frequency. Mowing correctly improves drought tolerance, density, as well as reduces weed germination and thatch buildup.

Fertilizer & Weed Control Program

Having a commercial applicator applying the right treatments at the right timing is very important. We can help with making sure your lawn is fed the nutrients it needs to grow greener grass and keep those pesky weeds from showing up and taking over your turf. Our standard plan is a great option and is comprised of six treatments. Each Treatment has a different purpose and is applied at the correct time of year so it benefits your lawn the most. Our standard plan focuses on eliminating the competition and improving the health of the desired turfgrass. This is done through Pre & Post Emergent Weed Control, Grub Control, Instant, and Slow Release Fertilizers as well as Organic.

Annual core aeration & over seeding are an important part of the maintenance schedule.


One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is annual aeration. There are two ideal times to aerate, spring and fall. Aeration is essential for reducing compaction and thatch build up, allowing for minerals, water, & oxygen to be more readily absorbed, in turn producing a stronger root system, and thus over time contributing to a healthier turf. Aeration is an important part of the annual maintenance schedule for any lawn owner seeking to maintain or improve turf conditions.

Over Seeding

By introducing new seedlings into your existing turf, over seeding enhances the ability of your lawn to withstand stress and fight disease and insects. Soil to seed contact can be created by overseeding after a fall aeration and is a highly recommended combination to increase germination rates. Annual overseeding is a great way to sustain or increase lawn density.

Slice Seeding

This process greatly increases germination rates by actually tilling or sowing the seed into the soil, essentially planting the grass seed in rows like crops. This process requires a slice seeder, and is a great method for repairing and establishing a lawn that has very thin or completely bare areas. Pair Slice Seeding with Aeration and Overseeding for the best results in lawn establishment and renovation.